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Finding your ONE Thing: Bringing Your Best to Those Who Need it Most

Operating your own business takes risks. Traveling takes risks. It all comes at a cost and that cost comes through the sacrifice of dozens of potential choices in your life.

We all need to make sacrifices to get to the places in life that you really want to go. The costs that it takes to live the life you want to live. And in making those sacrifices you have to ask yourself some important questions:

...Who do I want to be?

...What matters most to me?

...What am I most passionate about?

...What do I do that brings the most value to others?

Basic questions that help interpret the path to my goals and the life that I want.

In speaking recently with friends, I was sharing something that I have learned through the past few years of my life - it’s developing a mindset of creating massive value. When you become passionate about bringing value to other people’s lives then the method of doing doesn’t really matter. In my business, I host travelers in my vacation rentals and I teach hosts how to launch and scale their business. Am I most passionate about doing that over everything else in life? In all honesty, No, not necessarily. However, I enjoy doing it and I love to play a part in peoples’ stories in bringing them massive value, whether through a comfortable space for them to relax or in helping people build businesses that will bring them long-term financial independence.

That only happened though when I started asking myself a very simple question:

What’s that thing my friends would ask me, and only me, for my help with?

That’s my one thing. That’s my starting point to discovering what I bring to the world and, ultimately, how I serve people the most.

I might not be the best in the world at it. I might not even be the most experienced at it, but I am the only person they know who can help solve the problem that they have. That makes me the expert in their life. As I start to help them it gives me a feedback loop of energy and passion to keep providing massive value for other people in this specific niche. And what’s great about that is the more experience I get, the more I help people solve their problems, and the more passionate I get about what I do.

As I navigate my entrepreneurial journey, I will continue to pursue providing more value for others, and maybe sharing it would help you on your journey as well. So, when you find yourself at a crossroads of your work, your business, and your goals, ask the question….

What's the one thing that I do best for the people who are in my life?

If you are looking to start over, or need a new perspective on your goals, this is your BIG IDEA. Maybe you don’t feel like you have your one thing, or you haven’t found your big idea.

Then ask the people you trust most in your life: If you had to ask one piece of advice from me based on my skills and experience, what would it be?

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